A need to formulate a mission strategy for our congregation was identified. The purpose of such a strategy would be to help us to decide what requests for money we respond to; and to guide our thinking, both as individual members and as congregation, about how we engage with the community we are part of.The strategy is a work in progress but we formulated the following 5 questions as a foundation:

  • How can we encourage our people to explore God’s call upon their lives?
  • How can we develop the small group ministry of our congregation?
  • How do we proclaim the Good News of Christ in Harties?
  • How are people in Harties suffering and what can we do to alleviate that suffering and address its causes?
  • How can we help people in Harties to live self-sustaining and productive lives?

Let all of us hold these questions prayerfully in our hearts; let us listen for the prompting of the Holy Spirit and think of ways to respond to his prompting.

Clothing Drive

Please bring “Once Loved” clothes to be donated to the underprivileged community.  Clothes can be delivered to Harties Methodist Church Office from Friday 1 April until morning of the 10th April.

Naledi Community Centre

This is situated in Lethabong, about 5km to the north of Lethlabile. It is directed by Ms Sophy Ndimande. It comprises a pre – school o f some 75 children; an orphan care programme called “Soul Sparkles”; and involves community support work that Sophy does. Our church assists with the administration of their finances and provides Feed a Friend food for them. We have, in the past helped spruce up the school classroom by providing paint and having a ceiling installed.

Feed a Friend

This is a food project through which we supply feeding schemes or community assistance programmes with high protein, dehydrated food. The contents of the food packets is soya, rice, vegetable and vitamin powder. Each pack provides a highly nutritious meal for 6 people. A group of about 20 people gets together and it takes us about 2 hours to pack 900 bags. We try to pack 2 to 3 times a year.



This project supports missionaries in the Richtersveld, Northern Cape and Botswana. It involves travelling by 4 x 4 to remote mission stations and villages to do evangelism using “The Jesus Film”; distributing Bibles and clothing, taking other needed supplies. Drikus and Sally Griessel from our church are involved. If you would like to find out more information or how to participate in this outreach, phone Drikus on 082 899 4236. You can visit their website:www.outreach2africa.co.za

Skeerpoort Primary School

One of our members has arranged for financial support for their feeding scheme. This remains a mission opportunity for members to get involved in.